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“I really just wanted to say how much I appreciate what you and your team has done for me. As a new home buyer that has literally no idea what to do, y’all have been patient and organized and kind☺️. I can’t thank y’all enough. As I have learned through all this I have talked to some girlfriends and they have shown interest in buying and refinancing. I want you to know you will be the first person I recommend and you will absolutely be my go to for every future buy.”

– Rebecca S.

“You are like a mortgage and financial encyclopedia! You really know your stuff and to think we were about to take a different mortgage product before we talked to you. We can’t thank you enough.”

– Johnson Family

Marsha helped us secure financing for our first home. As a first time homebuyer, should was incredibly helpful in regards to explaining the loan offers and answering our questions. I was impressed with how fast she turned around preliminary estimates on homes we were going to see. If you’ve tried to buy a home in Austin, you know how important a speedy turnaround on these estimates can be! I fully recommend working with Marsha and United Lending.

Thanks again, Marsha and team!

– Richard N.

 In real estate, time is of the essence and that’s where Marsha is a star ! She is quick, responsive, professional, knowledgeable and thorough. We have know her for 6+ years and have had numerous opportunities to work with her – every time she came through and helped us get the best deal. We highly recommend her- to all our friends and family and to anyone else looking for a kickass mortgage broker 🙂 in the Austin area.

– Shekhar A.

 Marsha assisted me with loans on two separate occasions over the past 5+ years.  Both experiences were exceptional.  Marsha’s professionalism, knowledge of the process and willingness to go the extra distance is what secured the loan for our rental property.  If there is a way to procure the loan, Marsha will find it.  We are planning on refinancing our current home in 2016 and there is no doubt Marsha will be hired to assist.  Anyone looking for a mortgage broker, I highly recommend Marsha.  Thank you so much Marsha for your assistance and support over the years.

– Jeremy S.

 Marsha has been one of the most professional and knowledgeable folks I have worked for in a long time.  Marsha was able to answer all my questions, and she also worked with our real estate agent very well.  My husband and I were moving from Seattle to Austin, and Marsha was able to get us pre-approved and end to end closed in a rushed manner, given we did not unfortunately have a lot of time.  It all came together beautifully, and Marsha really went to extra mile for us.  It was truly appreciated, thank you Marsha!

If you are looking for someone to work with who really knows their stuff and loves helping people, Marsha is the right contact for you.

Thank you Marsha!

– Lisa & Shawn J.

 Marsha pre-qualified me very quickly. I didn’t have any problems getting pre-approvals and she gave out her personal cell, and responded to all of my email very quickly. I recommend Marsha and her team for any mortgage transaction. Excellent customer service and follow-up.

– Ceecee C.

 I have been a Realtor for quite a few years now and have been through a lot of transactions, some worked out well and others not so well. I wanted to share with everyone the fantastic experience my client and I experienced with Marsha Wiley and United Lending. We went through a couple of multiple bid offers and finally had our  offer accepted. We had originally asked for a 30 day close on the 15th of the month. Marsha had been working to get everything in place, we waited until the option period was up to order the appraisal and then my client to my surprise, asked if we might be able to close on the 2nd, almost 2 weeks early. She was in a month to month rental that was higher than the house payment and to avoid paying another months high rent, we had to close and get funded on the 2nd.  To make a long story shorter, Marsha and United Lending worked a miracle. They got everything ready and we closed and funded. Great work Marsha and United Lending. I highly recommend this great team. They have the knowledge and support to get your toughest deals closed.

– Mark H.

 I’ve purchased (or started to purchase) a decent number of homes around the country.  Working with Marsha Wiley was the most enjoyable.  I had a million questions given all of my experiences (good and bad) and she was able to successfully answer each question or research open issues.  On top of answering all questions, she was able to secure a specific funding architecture that no other agents or bankers or brokers were able to provide.  I have been recommending Marsha to any friends considering the purchase process.  Even now that I’ve closed on the house, we still chat about rates and opportunities and what’s happening in the marketplace.

– Donald S.


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